Rooftop gardens take the enjoyment of plants to a new level. Cars rush by on the streets below while gardeners on rooftops and terraces enjoy the unusual perspectives offered by the setting. These gardens have a mood all their own. Because they are much smaller than the average back yard, they challenge gardeners to think about what is really essential, and the results can be unexpected and extremely striking.

Pots and planters should be an appropriate size (bigger is better), and they should be arranged to take full advantage of the space and look attractive through the windows from inside. Dr. Jay recommends simple containers. “If the container itself is simple, you can do some exciting things with the plants,” he says.

Plants in rooftop gardens are exposed to more extreme conditions than plants in the ground, but many great garden plants will thrive if you choose carefully and take care of them. A watering can or a hose may be all you need, but consider installing drip irrigation, especially for large rooftop gardens. The team at Buckeye Plant Doctors understands the unique needs associated with rooftop gardens and we are here to support your needs.